Workshops & Facilities

Mechanical Fabrication

TUAE Mechanical Workshop

Our mechanical fabrication facility produces all the requirements for the custom-built mechanical components of Tyco Fire & Security UAE's Fire Protection Systems.  Manufacturing of all items are based on internally designed and produced construction packages.   The facility produces fabricated, threaded and grooved pipework, welded pipe spools, pipe brackets, fire suppression system cylinder skids and enclosures, etc. for our projects for the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Power & Water marketplaces. 


Fit out Fabrication Assembly

Final assembly of all Fire Protection equipment into skid-mounted/enclosures is also carried out in this facility, where they are fitted-out with the cylinders, manifolds, electrical cabling, trim boards, etc. 

TUAE Mechanical WShop 11 448 Aspect Ratio

The fabrication facility has all the required equipments to execute these major fabrication activities required for our projects. All works are in accordance with Tyco UAE’s QHSE IMS procedures.

Tyco Fire & Security UAE Mechanical Fabrication