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Abu Dhabi Service & Refilling Facility

A recent addition to Tyco UAE's facilities, the new Service & Maintenance Centre is located in Mussafah Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi.  The facility was developed as part of the continuing development of the Abu Dhabi Service Team and to address Abu Dhabi's refilling and servicing requirements for portable extinguishers, FM200, Novec and Inergen system cylinders.  Additionally, the facility also has allocation for testing and servicing areas for Fire Alarm, Fire & Gas and Fire Protection Systems.

A section of the workshop is dedicated for product displays and mock-ups of Gas Systems, VESDA System, addressable and conventional Fire Detection Systems as well as Sprinkler Systems.  This allows the facility to accommodate trainings for both our personnel as well as for our clients.

With a total area of 240m2, the new Service & Maintenance Centre is compliant with the new Abu Dhabi Civil Defence requirements for Product Agents and Installation & Service Contractors.

TUAE Service & Refilling 1



Dubai Service & Refilling Facility

The Tyco UAE refilling facility in Dubai is capable of refilling cylinders for Novec 1230 and FM200 Systems, as well as servicing valves and re-pressurizing cylinders.  Inspected and certified by the UAE Civil Defence Authority, the facility has been built based on Tyco manufacturing standards and is equipped with all the necessary equipments to obtain the necessary approvals.

As part of our commitment to after-sales service, the facility provides service to our marine customers as well as our customer-base whose Novec and FM200 Systems have been supplied and commissioned by Tyco UAE.  Additionally, the facility has the capability of refilling CO2 and Dry Powder Portable Fire Extinguishers to support our maintenance activity.