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Our business is based on the concept of 'total capability.'  At Tyco Fire & Security UAE, we provide a complete package of solutions that suit our customers' security needs.  Our extensive portfolio includes some of the world's most advanced security technologies which ensure we are strongly placed to meet all our clients' specific security risks from a single source.

Tyco Fire & Security UAE has teams of trained security professionals who have been, and continue to be committed to delivering evolving solutions that can help the loss prevention, risk assessment and business operational needs of our customers.  As part of our service commitment, we arrange regular onsite inspections and remote maintenance for our systems and those of other providers.

From commercial premises to industrial installations, from airports to telecommunications centres, Tyco Fire & Security UAE has the right safety and security solutions.


Tyco Fire & Security Access Control

Access Control Systems

Security is knowing that those who should get into your building do, and those who shouldn't don't.  Tyco Fire & Security UAE's access control systems provide the ability to track employees throughout your facilities, record access and change permissions as and when required. 

Tyco Fire & Security CCTV

CCTV Systems

Security is knowing that someone is watching out for your safety.  To meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients, Tyco Fire & Security UAE's flexible CCTV video surveillance solutions utilize IP technology as a standard.

Tyco Fire & Security Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm Systems

Security is knowing that your business is protected at the end of the working day.  Here at Tyco Fire & Security UAE, our intruder alarm systems effectively deter intruders and protect your most valuable assets.

Tyco Fire & Security Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Security is knowing that you are safe and secure wherever you are in a building.  To be able to do this, we at Tyco Fire & Security UAE are constantly developing and implementing new integrated solutions to help today's businesses become more efficient, more effective and more secure.

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